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[PhD Thesis]

Emotional User Experience in Web Design: The Kansei Engineering Approach

  1. Thesis Title [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 62.42 KB]
  2. Introduction [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 113.92 KB]
  3. Literature Review [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 187.67 KB]
  4. Kansei Engineering [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 249.61 KB]
  5. Methodology [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 572.04 KB]
  6. Exploratory Study [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 569.07 KB]
  7. Confirmatory Study [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 616.62 KB]
  8. Conclusion [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 104.09 KB]
  9. Bibliography [Adobe Acrobat PDF - 141.05 KB]


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